Packaging, transportation and more...

Packaging, transportation and more...

As you can imagine, art is neither a formula nor my packaging. I have some basics or, better said, values that I apply in every case. I reduce the use of plastic as much as I can, even non all. If I must (for moist protection), I use as much recycled and ecological bubble wrap, paper and cardboard as possible.

Ultimately, I always create my work and shipping with the least ecological footprint possible while maintaining quality. I hope you will reuse and recycle it if I need to apply it. For me, this is a communal task to save the world.
In the end, I need to ensure that your art piece arrives in tip-top shape at your place, in case it isn't and it's due to shipping or of me. I will fly over and fix it. Because I consider them my babies, and oe la, nothing wrong is allowed to happen to them.
So for the original painting and other art pieces, I work with shipping insurance (in case I need to come over, this is good) because they are one-of-a-kind special. Researching this up front in all areas of the world is hard. Please, therefore, contact me before buying.
I will ship it everywhere; my babies deserve this fantastic life. But it requires a different approach for the shipping costs, the type of shipping that will happen and the type of packaging.

For example, if they need to go by boat for some work, I need to build a wooden case to ensure they will travel comfortably. They are also a massive risk of water damage and other threats.
If it's close by, it's way more eco-packing-wise, less expensive in shipping, and way less risky for me to wrap them in a blanket and drop them by and have the opportunity to meet you.

When you spend a good amount of money on art, it's very assuring that I am an overprotective creator. But also I know we can spend money once and I want to ensure that the service will be perfect in the most fantastic way possible. (Please remember that I am an artist, not a machine).

Since we are represented by SINGELART (online gallery) 

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We have some requirements that we need to complete to ship. We respect and apply in all cases these requirements. Here you can find the video explaining how we pack our materials. 

For our prints, we collaborate with Prodigy. They don't have an introduction video, but the reviews worldwide are fantastic. We will upload it as soon as we can an unboxing video.