"Creative energy is always stronger than control."

Discover your creative spark and express yourself in my art workshops!

Created to inspire, educate, and empower, these sessions are crafted for everyone – whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist.

Unleash your artistic potential with me, where creativity knows no limits!


The workshops I offer are transformative art sessions. I developed a series of collective creations guided by the idea that art is a means, a game, not an end. It is essential to transmit the knowledge necessary to create a visual, but it's not the focus to learn a technique.

It's about letting ideas, inspiration, and expression unfold organically, allowing for spontaneity and innovation. When we tap into our creative energy, we often find that it leads us to unexpected and exciting places. It's a reminder that some of the most beautiful and meaningful creations emerge when we allow the creative process to be dynamic and unrestricted.

In my workshops, participants take the lead as the creators of their art. They rely on intuition and instincts, tapping into their natural creation ability. In this practice, there's no concept of "well done" or "badly done." Unintended spills, unfinished instructions, or even accidental stains often lead to surprising and unique results. It's all part of the creative journey.

Image : Art Exprim à Paris

I aim to help children and adults tap into their intuition and create freely. I use various techniques like speeding up the pace, providing vague instructions, or changing our materials during our sessions.

These approaches help participants set aside their insecurities and inhibitions, allowing them to immerse themselves fully in the creative process.

It's all about having fun and letting the imagination flow!

Let's embark on this creative journey!
  • Painting for Kids

    "Genial!! Girls loved it! Wendy is high professional and 3 hours passed like 1 minute. Wonderful creations and lots of fun!"

    – Nataliya

  • Sculpture for Kids

    "Great and fun activity. The girls were delighted and impressed with their creations. Thank you very much Wendy!"

    – Marie

  • Painting for Kids

    "I recommend this activity for children who are always very fond of visual arts and painting in particular. Wendy first explains to them the main principles of colors (primaries, secondary, mixtures, etc.), then the children paint their work with Wendy's directions. Calm activity that children enjoy. As many different works as there are children!"

    – Elisa

  • Paint and drinks

    "Great painting workshop! Attended with some friends. The setting in her house/workshop is very intimate so you feel at ease. One on one coaching and learning experience about paint, colours, how to use painting to express yourself in 2D. In short: learning on different levels, while having a great laugh with my friends! Definitely recommended!"

    – Corine

  • Paint and drinks

    "The workshop surpassed all my expectations: I not only learned about colors, painting, some techniques, but also let my inner self speak out through art - it's incredible! And Wendy is such a sunshine who creates a magical atmosphere around this moment 🌟 Highly recommended !"

    – Evginia

  • Paint and drinks

    "I had the pleasure to join one of Wendy’s courses, Apero et Peinture. It was an amazing experience. Wendy is such a lovely person and a great professional. She shared her knowledge about painting and took us on a journey by giving us different assignments and at the same time she gave us space to make our own decisions while we were creating our own masterworks. While doing so I learned a lot about myself and the others in the group on an emotional level."

    – Linda

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