Abstract Art That Speaks to Your Soul

In my creative process, I aim to escape everyday distractions, letting colors and shapes tell a story. You play a key role, creating your unique experience in this vibrant world.


Murals, Paintings, drawings, collages and more...

Hi, I am Wendy Nouse, a Dutch contemporary artist, dedicated to the creation of social art pieces.

Dive into my creative realm where colors speak and forms come alive. Join the narrative, make it your own, and escape the noise of everyday life.

Learn more about my art practice, commisioned work and the workshops I offer.

My artistic journey

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  • Maria José V.

    A great artist! Delicate but speaking designs. Wendy has a very special look at the different subjects she tackles in her work.

  • Agatha H.

    Wendy is a very talented artist with a lot of sensitivity and true. I highly recommended. Her projects about the art from the street is so interesting!

  • Bruno D.

    Painting, drawing, sculpture... A new artist is born. Modernity, surprise, beauty but also anguish, memories, destiny, a world that belongs only to Wendy. A unique artist with a strong character but marked kindness. It is absolutely necessary to meet her and know her.