What does it mean to be an artist?

Social – Political Contemporary Artist

My art practice is all about the subjects you and I talk about at the kitchen table. My art visualises therefor the social politics. I use various mediums to create my art works think about video, print, sculpture, performance and paintings. 

“For me art is about glamourising daily life, therefor I feel the multimedia is the perfect way to conceptualise and visualise.”

For me it is important that art is available for everyone at every level of society. In oder to do this I teach, host workshops. As an art director I help small companies and startups to find their voice online as well as in print. I opened a print shop that allows everyone with every budget to buy and give art works for a small price. You can find my original works in the gallery part of the website. 

Art Direction

My art career started by working at an advertisement office. It was the motivation to go to art school and specialise in visual communication.

"It is all about the imagination of happiness"
Wendy Nouse
Art business in France Guide



During the lockdown in 2020, I created a print shop within my art practice. For me, it is important that original art pieces are available for all incomes. You can print it yourself on any surface or let me print it for you.

This makes my work perfect for any house interior or as a birthday gift. 

On my website you will find a gallery section. Here I offer you original works or small limited editions from my works, for example of photography. 

Feel free to contact me and ask me more about my works. 


I host workshops, ateliers, art classes and I offer DIY projects for adults and kids. 

“I love how the self confidence grows, when I work with my students”