How I became an artist ? 

How I became an artist ? 

As a kid, I made architectural houses; I designed furniture, interior, jewellery and clothes. But I wasn't interested in drawing realistic.

I tried occasionally, but I didn't enjoy doing it. Current society is so convinced you need to be or do to become. The result was that everyone advised me to pursue something other than my artistic career.

I enrolled in many different paths but was always too creative or free. I was rather too much or too less but never enough. I always gave ideas and was creative, and I even got multiple offers to work in Amsterdam for advertisement agencies.
I woke up one day and decided to try the applications; I did the thing everyone told me, and I drew realistic, impressionistic and surrealistic.

When I went to my portfolio presentation, the teachers laughed at me, and then a piece of paper fell out with my doodles. The professor showed it to the other one and said, this one is perfect; is it yours? I felt ashamed and told him yes, but everyone advised me never to show it because it was rubbish.

The vibe changed immediately, and he advised me to start with pre-education. They told me the question is no longer if I am talented enough because I am; the reality is that I need to have a body of work to get in.

Being an artist means being free for me. It's a freedom to flow without judgment, being pure and intentionally honest about myself and the world around me.