Sun Beam | Original Oil Painting

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Wendy's work is held in private collections around the world.

In her creative process, she aims to escape everyday distractions, letting colours and shapes tell a story. You are crucial in creating your unique experience in this vibrant world.

Wendy's work is designed to inspire, uplift and empower your journey in an abstract form. They celebrate strength, courage, joy, power, grace and grief. It results in energetic art pieces that uplift and inspire every room.

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Step into a world where the symphonies of love, serendipitous encounters, and the exquisite dance of synchronicity converge into vibrant hues and captivating forms.

The oil paintings of 'Notes of a Crossroads' is a remarkable art series that beautifully encapsulates the enigmatic tapestry of life's uncertainties, told through the eyes of a talented artist.

In 2023, the artist Wendy Nouse embarked on a deeply personal journey to explore the authentic essence of relationships and their role in our lives. This introspective exploration is vividly expressed through a stunning collection of paintings that resonate with openness, curiosity, and unwavering integrity.

Each piece in this series is a testament to the artist's commitment to authenticity. The use of color and form reflects the artist's quest to unravel the secrets of inner harmony and balance.

'Notes of a Crossroads' invites you to contemplate the power of connection, the importance of community, and the beauty that can emerge from embracing life's uncertainties.

With every brushstroke, you'll find yourself drawn into a narrative that speaks to the soul. These paintings are more than mere art; they are a profound exploration of the human experience.

'Notes of a Crossroads' is not just a series of works; it's a visual and emotional journey that inspires you and contemplates life's complex beauty.

Immerse yourself in this unique artistic creation and let it resonate with your own experiences, allowing it to remind you of the beauty found in the unknown. Discover 'Notes of a Crossroads' and experience the transformative power of art today.

Abstract Oil Painting on stretched Canvas(ready to hang, no frame)
Dimensions: H 38 x W 46 x D 1,5 cm
Material: Oil painting, Charcoal.
Year: 2023

*The in situ picture is a mockup; the original is sold without the framing but ready to hang.