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Most people tell me that art they don't know how to connect with abstract art. To ease the communication, I have added positive affirmations that connect with the work. 

Being an artist is, for me all about finding balance in life and in composition (placement of the elements inside the painting). But also how to help them give you a sense of inner harmony, serenity and prosperity. 

Your order is free. No payment is required. So you can. simply download them put them on the wallpaper of your phone or computer, and see if abstract contemporary art feels good for you ! 

I visualise my relationships within this series of paintings and translate them into colour and form. This series of works is called 'Tu m’as fait ça', which means, 'This is what you did to me'. I created this series during two years in which I prioritised my authenticity; I faced my relationships and friendships with curiosity and integrity. For me to create inner harmony and balance through observation and meditation.