😇Even today, three years after having my diploma, I love sketchbooks. I have a particular organisation for them, and mostly they contain my todo lists and notes from meetings and thoughts, but precisely that’s why they are so important to have and use a sketchbook.

🌬️A sketchbook is something marvellous; it’s like magic; it holds your ideas, your thoughts and more than once it helped me to connect the dots between one work and another. It is a reminder of your evolution, your personal growth and your motivation to work. Even more important within the sketchbook pages, you can always start with a new page, fresh, with no distractions, adding to a story that could become. For your clients, it is a simple way to understand your mind.

Sketchbook pages

A sketchbook to get inspired

🍃When I am blocked, and I have no inspiration, I go through my sketchbook. I read my thoughts, observe my drawings, and I never judge, each of them is as important as the other one. It is not a collection of perfectness, but of realness, you don’t work in there to make things pretty or extraordinary but to keep you moving. Some artists their notebooks are so beautiful that they sell them.

🔭To every action, there is a reaction, newtons law: for me a Sketchbook represents precisely that.

🌵The form of your sketchbook is up to you; I have a friend who carries a tin box with post-its inside of them; he has different sizes of paper and colours. Each colour represents something in particular. When he comes home, he puts them in a box.

☕I know another artist who has one big sketchbook; she keeps sewing pages to the base of the book. She says it’s her private life collection of things. The book is massive and owns a lot of coffee splashes, but she is still using it today.

👯I buy Moleskine Sketchbooks for my artistic researches, the limited editions that have a reference to the project I am starting, I only use them while working on that research, mostly at home.
On a daily base, I use every sketchbook around, when it is full, I take the essential pages out and stick them into my project books that they belong too.

👑Let me know in the comments why you feel it is important to have a sketchbook? What kind of sketchbook do you use? Share with me your most beautiful drawing!

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