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What fascinates me is how society reacts to the situations in the media. What is in our minds is in our hearts. This means history is not what happened, it is what we remember. Not written in the history books, but the shoe boxes that normal people collect in their attics. The situations that made a concrete change in our lives, from the ultimate happiness to the worries we experience about our beloved ones, is our history.

Events in history and present times inspire me. How the social motivations and beliefs can change by small or big interventions, that prospers the greater cause. So called propaganda, I believe in this century, we have never been so active in spreading, creating and sharing content of the idea’s we believe in.

On social media, in the bakery and at the kitchen table. Convincing each other of, which voices we should follow, to motivate ourselves without knowing if it contains any truth or objectiveness. In the age of post-propaganda, we think we can choose, who we want to be influenced by and which idea or believe to support our own motivations. But what happens when all these different angles, motivations and logics are put together in the same message?

This raises the question how can I, as an artist, can I play a role in society?
How did others approach these topics? How can I position myself to make art for people? And even how to use the idea of propaganda? 

An essay that I made during my studies on art and politics, how it can influence each other, makes cultural changes and how to do it. 

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Wendy Nouse is a female professional artist who is interested in social-political issues that she translates freely in visuals.

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