🦄What was it like to go to art school, and do you need an art school? I experienced it as a great time and a very negative one. This is my story…

🛸Art school is truly a great place to discover many different things. To learn many skills, even though this aspect is entirely up to you. I decided to work a lot in the workshops, and this made me very competent in many practical applications. Most of the time, you do some small seminars to introduce you. During which you make a minimal experience to see if you love it or not.

🕊️In the first year in art school, you learn a lot of skills. In the second year, you start to focus more on your own practice.

Teachers are more to guide you, but mostly I felt it as a game of disturbing. This is what was it really like to go to art school.

I tell you I like it.
They say are you sure?
Should you?
Why are you?
What are you?
What would happen if you change it?
I hate it.
When are you going to continue working on it?


🌬️You have so many different opinions to hear and respond to. Too many times a week and everybody is saying something completely different. I tried not to care. But these are still the people that grade you. At the moment they think you didn’t hear them, they rank you poorly for it. They would say that they do this to make your personality stronger. I am still not sure how this helped me in growing myself, nor my art…

🌵During my exchange in France, my school experience was much better. The teachers came once every two weeks for a conversation, at the same moment, which created a discussion between them. I learned more from this, then all the vague comments in the 10-minute talks. In which mostly you didn’t speak, but the teachers are.

👑The truth is you should create art that you love; you can’t please everybody. Not all the art you make you will like. Besides this being in a race from left to right, up and down, destruction or creating. Functioning in continuous questionable circles is very tiring. Secures this with the pressure hard to listen to yourself.

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🌟It took the fun away of merely making something. In order to see what it could become. For me, art is objective, and what one person loves or doesn’t.

☕ My school taught us that your an artist and so you make art. We didn’t learn about selling or living from our art practice. We learned about how to exhibit inside good institutes and ask for money to fundings. Which is excellent, but today to get into a museum or have the budget. Is not that easy. It would help if you had money, connections and space to do this. Which as a just-graduated student, you don’t have this luxury.

🐶In France, this was a part of the discussion. Not the motivation but something you need to realise and think off. You can’t make art just for the joy of making art and then never do anything with it. That’s a hobby; you’re going to school to be a professional artist. How to not to get stuck in a shop or bar and hope somebody will find your art one day. In conclusion, you will be waiting to become a success.

I know many success stories and many losses of what was it really like to go to art school.

👩‍🎨I went to the art school in my hometown. I genuinely think art school is a great place to develop your talents and get opportunities. Also, represent it could represent the lack of it. In both schools, I know many success stories and many losses. It is not even the question of your qualities. But if you are in line with the work that they would like to show. Besides that, it depends on the opportunities that are handed to you if you loved or not by your superiors. Besides that, you really need to be motivated and create as many opportunities as you can in your starting career. You’re not famous yet. You have nothing to lose. But on your way, you meet the right people and potential clients in your future. When you don’t do anything with that it will only take you longer.

👯 In conclusion, this is my experience of what was it really like to go to art school? Did you go to an art school or your thinking about it? Tell me in the comments below.

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  1. This is brilliant Wendy. It really describes the highs and the lows. I like it when I get a challenge from my teachers as i think this is what is getting me to expand my thinking and practice. Overall I have a fairly robust personality (being one of the more « mature » students, and also I have a job and I don’t plan to make money from this. (Although I have a plan to perhaps sell enough work to pay for the course.) Many artists barely make enough to live on because the issues are never approached in a commercial way. Right now I would not want to come to art as way of earning a living as it is both too hard, and too compromised. I am lucky that I can do my learning at a late stage of my career (even though I would have liked an artist career when I was young, I don’t mind that I went a commercial route instead.)

    1. Thank you so much! I started quite late as well with my art education. I think that is kind off the live experience that might help during this process. During my studies, I noticed indeed that some older students came for two different reasons: Because they love arts and it’s not their focus to build a career around this. Or they wanted to change their direction completely. I am more of that second group. Sometimes I think my teachers didn’t notice that I was more close to 30 then to 20. I look rather young, so they acted sometimes like a child to me, with a pointing finger like listen and obey ;-). Today I am glad that I did it because I learned many things I would have never had the opportunity. I think it is for all students essential to learn how to support their art. It is as if we would like to eat; we need to learn how to cook. Thank you for sharing your experience with me! I appreciate it!

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