What does it mean to be an Artist, Artistic Director and Teacher, are you ready to get a better view of my daily life?

🌟 You might have proposed these questions multiple times in your mind. Probably you never asked an artist, what does it mean to be an artist.

🌵 I mean most jobs you have a clear vision in mind what it means you will be doing. Most likely, you go to your office/desk. In other words, you will take your coffee. Certainly, you will work on your computer, then you will complete a task.
The artist lifestyle is much vaguer, this romantic van Gogh idea, Picasso or even Bansky. However, we don’t really have a view of their days.

🌹So now I tell people, hi I am Wendy and I am an artist.

🐶 The first thing people do is to make a comment about having no potential for the future.
In addition, I explain to them that I do have a future, I am educated and have many qualities. As you probably have seen, I am doing many things. I sculpt, make paintings and draw, perform, and use the new media for creating new art pieces. Also for practical reasons, I make graphics, Illustrations and I teach art classes. These diversities of my practice give me the opportunity to make a more stable income during the year.

🎫 After that people ask is; can you make something for me? Yes, I can, actually, I would love to, tell me more about what you have in mind

Then they repeat the phrase and make clear that mean they would have it for free. So this is great! I am being super sarcastic here. My goal is to make my work affordable and present it in every house around the world. So tell me, why is it normal to commission me an assignment. In order to, ask me to do for free? Or for a ridiculously low price.

To be fair if you find IKEA for your art too expensive. I assure you, no artist will make it handmade for cheaper. Which is also completely logical.

👻Van Gogh is the perfect example. Because I am Dutch; people like to remind me that they love his work. Every time they tell me it is so sad for him as an artist what has happened to him.

🐩 It’s simply freaky that they are comparing me to a guy. Who was not respected as an artist, cut off his ear of desperation and then killed himself? All because people didn’t value him nor his work.

😇 In general, I ask them if I should cut off my ear as well to get some respect.

🛸Being an artist has two options:

= Firstly, you take a daily job. Who will feed your art practice and hope something someday will pop up. This is what we all need to do in the beginning. Most artists take full-time jobs in stores and restaurants. The wages are bad and then you go back home and buy your paint for making new art.
= Secondly, is the one that I am realising right now. I am going to make money from every part of the art scene. In order, to get my name out there and sell works. This means I am making art from my business.

🤯So what does it mean to be an artist and what does my day look like?

In conclusion, it is just like an office job. I wake up early in the morning. Make a coffee in my kitchen and prepare my agenda.
I check my deadlines and appointments for that week. Directly after I take my phone and I make myself go crazy on Facebook, WordPress and Instagram. In order to get my work to be seen. It might seem crazy but I already received some clients because of these efforts.
Next, I prepare my alarms for that week; When to leave the house, meet new clients, write proposals and projects, and prepare the workshops.

🌬️I plan a day for prospecting new clients and applications. Next, I am doing my cold calling routine. For every client, I create a file and work out a proposal.

🐩 It is time for my workout routine. Being a solo entrepreneur and working from home, working long days. I don’t get that much time to get out and to stay moving. So, I make a run and do some yoga or meditate to relax.

📺 You might think right now what about the creating process.
I am creating all day long, drawing proposals, organising events, preparing marketing and developing new projects to sell. Depending on how many appointments I have on a day I have more or less time to create. Once a week I try to focus on work that will add to my practice.

👩‍🎨 One time a week I am working out new content, and actualise, this takes about one day in total.

🦄So comparing to the stock guy I am doing the same efforts possible. Being an artist is a fulltime job. You need to have a commercial mind, this is not a bad thing but a good thing. In order to find clients, and sell, make sure to get the word out and create work. You need to work on all the business aspects.

🕊️Comment below:
What’s your schedule? Give people a peek into your average day as an artist.

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