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Contemporary Artist

My portfolio

Wendy Nouse is a Parisian region (Melun) based Dutch contemporary artist, who creates mainly eco-responsible art pieces. Her work invites you to participate actively inside the piece and become a part of it.

Because she feels that her work is part of society she also hosts workshops for kids and adults and creates products for her print shop. As well she creates graphics for local entrepreneurs and individuals. 


Print Shop

Art Direction

During the lockdown in 2020, she created a print shop within her art practice. For her, it is important that original art pieces are available for all incomes. This makes her work perfect for any house interior or as a birthday gift. 

You will find here her graphical works and side projects that embed her creative sense but maintain the main purpose to communicate the information that is needed. Think about logo design, social media campaigns, web design and photography.

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She also hosts workshops, ateliers, art classes in various different subjects. The main focus in her workshops are personal development, having fun and embracing the creative energy.

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