As a person as well as an artist. I find travelling one of the most important aspects of life and in my art practice. How does travelling influences my art?

Many philosophers have written loads of essays about how travelling. How mixing cultures and art will benefit from travelling? I will talk about my opinion, how I think travelling influences me and how you can see this in my art. 

Travelling makes me create better art

For me travelling is like opening your eyes and mind to other people, cultures, you will experience during your travels the local art scene, which could be completely different than where you came from. Even though living temporarily in another country is something that I extremely advise especially for artists and their art practice. We have all these fantastic student programs that help you to achieve this like Erasmus, which makes travelling to influence your art affordable.

Travelling during art school makes your world bigger and smaller at the same time.

In the same travelling time, I can be Greece, Maroc or in the south of Italy. As I travel to the north of France, Brussels or Bordeaux. Even though within this timespan. You can discover, new cultures, climates, habits, even other (social)rules or notice the difference in politics. These influences of art will be greater if you travel further from your home country.

While travelling you see new art.

Not all art you will see will be as great as you would want them to be. Mostly I had good experiences, and it provoked to throw away negative preassumptions that you might have before. At the same time, you are not dominating your ground. So you need to adapt, and this makes you a different person, towards others. For me, the difference in culture is how travelling influences my art.

Travelling assures rediscovering beauty which is an important aspect of art.

While travelling, you lose all your I am used to doing these habits attitude. The roads you pass on your way to your work. Simply doesn’t attract your attention anymore, but in a new region, you will pay attention to these things because it makes you faster adapt to a new place. 

Travelling creates Wonderlust.

You are in a new space that you do not know, probably you won’t speak their language. They will use words that you didn’t know before. It might make you feel ashamed. Being able to communicate that easily or even provoke you to learn some essential words. Being in this adventure will make all your senses feel alive. You will smell, touch and trust more your gut feeling. Perhaps you will even dare it to wander around and find yourself off the road you initially found yourself. This will upgrade your skills for performing arts and recognizing body language in general.

Travelling makes you fall in love with yourself and your art.

You will love yourself and the ones with you so much more; you will learn to trust more confidentially. It will grow your relationships and get more self-confident. This also affects my art. Seeing not the regular art pieces and curators their presentations opens up so much more possibility, it could simply be that you live in the wrong place at the wrong time. Art is subjective and corresponds to the artistic trends at that moment.

travelling art powercouple

I think this might be a small summary of the personal and artistic benefits of travelling, but how does it grow me as an artist? 

Breaking my habits, to wandering around, with the goal to experience. It makes me feel alive, gets me inspired to create art. Connecting with the local art (history) scene makes me grow as an artist. All of this motivates me, to get to back to work and share my inspirations while I was travelling.  This is why I think that travelling benefits my art practice.

Tell me all about your experiences while travelling and how do you feel travelling has influenced your art?

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