The forgotten space performance Wendy Nouse
The Forgotten space performance Wendy Nouse

The forgotten space performance I created in 2014. The work is an instruction model to redefine the measurements of beauty.

The work speaks about the fake beauty ideals that we see in modern society. In fact, the forgotten space performance is asking the sizes of my models. Because these sizes are not included in the standard procedure measurements for modelling agencies.

The forgotten space performance asks the measurements of my models. To specify the sizes of the inner tie, the biceps and the width of the foot. During this work, I asked models to perform these instructions and reply to the pictures to me. To assure the results of the instructions. I gave them the order to give visual proof with the measurements.

The work declares that all of them are completely different and therefore applying that beauty is not relating to size. Because of this, their participation remained anonomous.

After receiving the results I printed them on polaroids.
In conclusion, I presented them in a white space published on a table, with a white cloth. On that the same table, I placed a ruler. On the wall, I put up the poster that gave the indication of the instructions.

I got inspired by the works of L.A.Reaven and of my own background as a photography model. These artists make inspiring works about the body and the image of beauty.

Result: an A3 poster with all the instructions and the results printed on Polaroids, adding on the handwritten the measurements. Made in 2014.

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