🌵The best advice I have received was after having multiple conversations with my client. Knowing that what he thinks he would want and actually needs is always a difficult conversation. We talked about the graphic design of a poster, I still didn’t have a clear idea of what he would like.

🌟All my proposals got denied, the input he was giving me didn’t have any coherence. I truly felt the need to get advice from the best entrepreneur I know. To find the image that would correspond to the event itself, meanwhile, we went from the subject to architecture, to Christmas pictures and my headaches only got bigger and bigger. 

🌬️ Luckily my dad always has the best advice.My dad had always run successful companies, and I wondered what he would advise me. I explained to him what happened the notes I took during the conversations and the various proposals I have given him, but I never got successful feedback on. My dad confirmed me I did well and that I have respected the wishes of my client, but he told me as well I missed the most significant arguing point. 

🐩The client didn’t know what he wants. He was waiting for a finished work that would blow his mind and was making me decide what it should be, by giving me so many mixed messages he had shown me that he didn’t care about what would image it would be.

My dad advised me that this game could be going on until I have made 60 ideas, but none of them was going to be the one, and I would cry and scream like a baby in the end. (That’s what I do when I become frustrated).

The best advice challenges everything.

🦄My dad’s advice was the following; 

This client is with you because he likes the way your mind works; you don’t propose three ideas. My advice is you suggest one, one that you would have advised and considered for yourself if you were in his shoes. He wants your mind, not his, he is lost and doesn’t know. 

🌵I did as my dad advised me, I deleted all other ideas, and I picked the one I proposed at first during our conversations and which he told me he doesn’t like. It was like taking a big leap of faith. 

🌬️I took a deep breath, and I created what I wanted it to look like, with keeping his first four demands in mind. I made a small text mock-up and sent a picture to him. I gave him my advice about why this work would be the best for his company, also I advised him why his images didn’t manage to give the same message.

Best advice
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com


🦄Lesson learned: Make the image you should think it should be, by improving his, go beyond his believes. It was my dad’s advice who gave me the opportunity to make my client happy.

🕊️Comment below: What was the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? How did it help you?

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