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The artist way is a friendly reminder of how to stay open-minded or activate creativity. The thing that I like a lot about this book is that its simple to read, very clear about what it states and it’s easy to apply.
Simply said, the book states that every morning you take 3 pages and you do whatever you what you want to do. You can write, draw, scribble, make to-do lists or just anything to blow of steam that is bothering you in the morning. Then you never ever look at it again.
Then it states that once a week, you would have your artist date, and you would use this for exploring your creativity.
In my school, they called this my Dummy, but besides this location, I guess everyone has a different name for it.
Dummy wants to say the artist journal. It is a safe place for putting your notes beautiful and orderly together, your drawings, pictures, inspirations, in fact, everything that would be possible to integrate or show your process.
In real life this is never the case, probably you have some empty wrappers in your bag or ripped paper that you can use, and I would have a box that I called my shit ideas and I which would smash it in, and just before my exams I would take it out and put them inside my notebook, the ones that I could still understand or I liked, I used them to apply.
I believe I am not the only one who changed from artist/atelier life – into working in an office. Which means I do not longer have empty wrappers in my handbag, nor ripped papers around me and the first months out of school, my notebook was entirely untouched. During my daily job, I am not able to make notes or draw and being so much out of touch, in the evening, my inspiration was gone.

My morning pages process

Every day I use minimal 15 minutes to do something for art, which means, signing, drawing, making do list, inspire myself, research for my projects or taking some pictures, getting in contact with clients something that helps to use my artist date as fully as possible. For me, Morning pages are the moments during my day that are activating the interest that I have for something and take the first veil of this idea, just touching the subject to help to realise the creation during my artist date.
I also found out that integrating some applications for some of the steps are really important, I will write a blog about my favourites later.
About which size is best for your notebook is entirely up to you. I have about 5 different once in my office, and they are all a bit different. Some have lines, squares or inspiring motivations, but to be honest, they disturb me, and I find it complicated to stay focussed with them. I prefer the empty pages with a beautiful outside.

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