STRANGER THINGS ANNIVERSARY – FUNBOOKER, I recently joined the Funbooker team to organise birthday parties and work on events. I put up a painting workshop, which is super cool to do!

So the birthday girl loves stranger things and I decided to work with this theme. I made a music playlist with all the songs of this great tv show. I printed some images of the show. Also, I bought these big pieces of paper with loads of paint and different brushes.

I asked her mother to prepare some drinks and candy for the party.

Just before the workshop started I prepared the room with some plastic to protect the surfaces. Then we started the workshop with a movement workout . Until the moment the girls where rolling on the floor from laughing we started the painting.

First we ripped the big sheets of paper, which was not the easiest thing for them to do. Then I told them to make circles, stripes, turn the paper around, change it, make pieces white and refold it. Having a piece of paper filled, we put it on the side to dry.

STRANGER THINGS ANNIVERSARY – FUNBOOKER, select the images that contributed to the theme.

Because STRANGER THINGS ANNIVERSARY is created in the 80’s theme. I thought it would be super cool to keep it into an 80’s theme. With colors patterns and a slight rough edgy pop side. We finished the ripped pieces and then the girls took a break. In between I cleaned up a bit and prepared the drawing part of the workshop.

The girls could select the images that contributed to the theme. They discovered some new drawing styles. This was also a bit scary in the beginning. At the moment we said we are ripping them as well. They panicked slightly. I reexplained that we are going to use all the ripped pieces to make one new painting.

This was appealing enough to get them out of their shells and go fully into it. Therefore beware it shouldn’t become a shredding effect. Because the dining table was not big enough to put all the work at the same moment. So, we finished them one by one.

This part did the girls love the most, together they decided where each piece should go, using tape and paint to stick all the pieces to the big white sheet of paper and which color it should become and then we put them again on the side for drying. Keep in mind, depending on the density of the paint drying can take up to 48H.

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