It has been already some days ago but I still would love to share this experience with you.
During my visit to the Musée Louvre, I have found some excellent pieces that are not that famous, old and very contemporary at the same time. 
These amazing pieces can light up and inspire. I feel that these well celebrated, well known pieces are extremely exploited, you find them every history book and catalogue, and I will feel honoured when my art is with them. But I prefer to search for the small treasurers.
I had already visited multiple times the museum when I was a kid, I remember the long waiting lines, the long hallways and the statue gardens and this big painting of a lake, the galleries with the immense paintings and the the small corridors that connect the one to the other.
Going back for the first time after about 10 years was truly an amazing experience. Everything I wanted to see, I actually didn’t find within the maze of stairs but I was surprised to find the collection that is representing the museum today.
You can still find the old classics, the ones that make the museum as famous as it is today, but I also found one of my favourite artist, Anselm Kiffer who is still alive today. The contemporary antiques, that makes you truly realise that how more you think you are new, that you are actually nothing more than the new cliché. 
The most amazing part is that there is no longer a waiting line needed. There are entrances everywhere and even directly from the metro station. You do not also need to go outside. Then you can reserve your tickets online, easily change the dates and visiting hours. This service is fantastic and has a zer0 paper policy. You can buy your Louvre Tickets here for when you visit Paris. 
Even though the waiting line to see the Mona Lisa still is the standing record. The line started within the pyramid and ended on the 4th floor. 
This time we honestly didn’t make the effort to go and see her. I have been as lucky to have seen her once before and I remember to not have been impressed with the 100 tourists around me at that moment trying to make a picture. * I do recognise this is absolutely a spectacular art piece. 

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