Notebook – Share Human Creativity Review. On the end of Mai, I filled in my application for the notebook open call. Just a couple of days later I have received the email. To inform me that my drawing would be the lucky one! At that moment, I wanted to jump a hole in the air. I know this is not an English expression, but it is precisely how I felt.

It has been years that I have been an artist. Since 2020 I have taken my decision to change my career and focus on growing my art practice. I have quit my desk job and started working from home.

My first official week as a self-employed entrepreneur. The covid19 lockdown was installed, and this fact made a significant number on my mood. I have been planning the most important change in my life for months. Then within 1 minute, the whole world closed doors. So, all my new shiny ready to go to clients closed up shop.

I Met Share Human Creativity in the first week of the lockdown.

I decided to focus on <<Social Media>>. I started studying the subject and trying out many things, like everything anyone advised me! Which resulted in growth, since the 16 of March, from a 100 and something followers. To today 500 followers and still growing daily. It makes me so happy. Not because the numbers, but today I have a platform that connects me with 500 and more people <<who love my art>>. It is a great way to get feedback, talking and interacting with you guys. Also, it allowed me to find people that are interested in and buying my art.

I also decided to take a good look at my website to fix the SEO. Also, to try to make it faster and crash less and finished the setup of my shop. Even with all this work done, this remains a work in process. To go even further, I started an ETSY shop during this time. As well and I created about 150 new works since the lockdown. I guess 2020, has been my most productive year so far.

Notebook - Share Human Creativity Review

I guess 2020, has been my most productive year so far.

So back to my review, in fact in the first week after the lockdown. I run into the share human creativity team. I can’t remember if they approached me or I contacted them. Instantly we connection. During the lockdown, we got to know each other a bit and tried to inspire one another. We helped each other out with a simple thing. Which was super cool and really motivated me to stay focused. It made me feel like I wasn’t the only one trying to succeed and build a company during this bizarre time.

Soon after we ‘met’, the team started a learning and sharing platform for artists. So they asked me to join the trial version! Even though it didn’t work out as they wanted it. This is an up-and-coming program and worth it to keep in mind.

This is an up-and-coming program and worth it to keep in mind.

They made some outstanding courses. With profound questions and challenges. Who helped me to grow my audience and approach new clients. Also, about more simple things, for example; ‘how to explain my work better to not art professionals’ and, whenever I needed some advice we could have a discussion about it. On top of that, they even did some promotion!

I mean it is still you, who needs to do the part. The work, I mean. But it’s them who offer you the platform to success. By offering you a helping hand, to not be alone in your head. Simply by sharing your work on their pages, or simply giving you advice on your profile.

By this I mean, it is not the fastest or the easiest road to take, but the most promising one.

They offer you to do interviews and post them to thousands of people who are interested in the arts. This an excellent opportunity! Also, it is something you should value and don’t quit after just this pure boost. It is about maintaining the flow in your business. SHC is just offering you a Kickstarter.

To be fair, they are doing this at this moment for free, because they want to help you! The day will come that we should pay. They are worth it, as long as you are motivated and willing to succeed and do the work. What I mean by sharing this is; that without their help at the beginning of the lockdown, and the continuous collaboration. I am not sure if I would have these successes today.

I am really happy with our collaboration and it is very pleasant to work with them!

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