Rock en Seine is a Festival close by the centre of Paris, you can still take the metro or tramway. 
The festival is organised in this beautiful parc, and I wanted to share this post with you because as a Dutch girl I have visited many festivals and I have never seen anything like this. Which I believe was a very pleasant surprise. 

When I heard rock, I thought hmmm, I like pop rock but and some rock but it scared me a bit, truly it does not rock at all and I don’t know where the title comes from. It is very experimental, jazz, rapping and pop music that was presented.


Dancing was not likely the thing to do, on this festival, you listen, you observe but dancing and living out all your energy during the whole day was really not the vibe. That’s perhaps why Major Lazer was the most out of tune act and seemed a bit misplaced, besides that, personally I really didn’t enjoy his performance, there was a lot of things but not that much quality.

In general, the music festivals we go to there is not that much to eat, but this particular festival seemed like a food truck event, there was sooo much chose, a bit expensive but everything looked like amazing quality food. With everywhere cool lounge bars and tables and benches to sit and drink. 
Also, their were loads of free water taps.
Then they had particular stands to merchandise products, but not as in merchandise for the festival but for airlines, clothing shops, etc. You could get everywhere loads of funny stuff for free or for small prices, even Coca-Cola was handing out free drinks all day long and free spray on tattoo’s the must-have for every festival.

The biggest surprise for me was that there was an overload on toilets, like real toilets that you can flush and they where clean, even at the end of the festival, supplied all day long with toilet paper.
The best part was, the average age was between 25 – 35, and I didn’t see anybody using drugs, going completely crazy from using drugs. Even though it was a day festival and most of the people arrived at 18.00 even when it started at 13.00 and ended at 00.00.
So when you’re staying in Paris, you should definitely try this festival during the summer.
Budget-wise: We went by car, so one of us drove back home and didn’t drink. We spend in a total of 70 euros for the whole day, including food, toilets, paying a parking ticket, entrance tickets and drinks. Which makes it definitely worth it to do this festival.

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