In the past, I have used the program once or twice. That is why I will share with you my review Adobe After Effects, but I never managed to get it to work.

During my Lockdown 2020 mission, to learn more skills, like Adobe Dimension. It looks a lot like Adobe Premiere that I use quite regularly. Even then, it is not automatically; you will understand how to use it. This is why I am so excited to share with you the results.

Review Adobe After Effects

Actually, it is really simple, but creating animations is not that easy as it looks. I decided to start by looking at some tutorials on youtube, how to use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects. To see how the base would work and how the animation itself took place.

I took some vectors from to have a quick start, and I adjusted them a bit so the results would not exactly be the same as they would have been with just the original files. On Instagram, I did a Q&A. To receive feedback and some ideas for characters.

Also, I created a storyline, but soon I understood this would not be as easy to start with as I hoped it would be. For the moment, the story is back in the refrigerator until I have some more experience. In the end, I managed to create a scene, which made me super happy.

Review Adobe After Effects

After 4 hours of making a lot of mistakes in Adobe After Effects

Adapting scenes;
and trying to understand how it works;
Playing back and forward the youtube tutorials.

I managed to get my first scene; in fact, it was not After Effects, but me who prepared my documents, not in the right way and made it insanely complicated for myself.

The day after, I managed to produce four scenes in less than 4 hours. I realise I am not comparable with a professional animator, but for a first try, I am happy.

Review Adobe After Effects

My review Adobe After Effects is don’t be stupid like me, try something simple, before you lose hours of working, for absolutely no reason. Think more about the movement joints of the human body and watch two or three excellent tutorials, which introduce different ways of working inside the program.

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Did you already use Adobe After Effects, how was your first experience? I am really happy to have given it a try and make a small success. Comment it below!

Review Adobe After Effects

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