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  1. This is brilliant Wendy. It really describes the highs and the lows. I like it when I get a challenge from my teachers as i think this is what is getting me to expand my thinking and practice. Overall I have a fairly robust personality (being one of the more « mature » students, and also I have a job and I don’t plan to make money from this. (Although I have a plan to perhaps sell enough work to pay for the course.) Many artists barely make enough to live on because the issues are never approached in a commercial way. Right now I would not want to come to art as way of earning a living as it is both too hard, and too compromised. I am lucky that I can do my learning at a late stage of my career (even though I would have liked an artist career when I was young, I don’t mind that I went a commercial route instead.)

    1. Thank you so much! I started quite late as well with my art education. I think that is kind off the live experience that might help during this process. During my studies, I noticed indeed that some older students came for two different reasons: Because they love arts and it’s not their focus to build a career around this. Or they wanted to change their direction completely. I am more of that second group. Sometimes I think my teachers didn’t notice that I was more close to 30 then to 20. I look rather young, so they acted sometimes like a child to me, with a pointing finger like listen and obey ;-). Today I am glad that I did it because I learned many things I would have never had the opportunity. I think it is for all students essential to learn how to support their art. It is as if we would like to eat; we need to learn how to cook. Thank you for sharing your experience with me! I appreciate it!