Just before Christmas, I am preparing my exhibition, and my boyfriend is almost on his way to go to the USA for work, I wanted to throw my phone on my bed. Like I do at least once a day! Instead, I smashed it accidentally on the floor. 
No screen left. We directly checked if there was a way to fix it, but never the less; the screen itself is more expensive then the phone itself. So we made our decision, we directly ordered from China, and telling ourselves it is only for one week without connection.
My Phone detox for a week has started in it could have been the most crowded chaotic week of the year, to inform you I am still alive and I am sharing this experience because I think you can benefit from it too.
  1. Having no phone creates time. It might sound the weirdest thing in the world, but without your phone, you are no longer controlled by that something, that demands the most energy of your day. I believe that easily we forget how much of our day we spend on our phone considering doing something that contributes to our day. I see it even with my friends when we’re drinking a coffee the phone is on the table and they look continuously at it to not miss something. But what is that something you do not want to miss? Please take a good look at yourself and find out what it is what you want to know. It will calm your life directly. 
  2. It would be best if you were on time. So I realised that my problem is the most that I am afraid off is being not able to come home, to not to have not the opportunity to check how to do it and to become bored during my public transport challenge I face daily.  
  3. Start communicating again. So you and your surrounding need to make sure that your planning and keeping your promises, which made our day much more quickly, reliable and secure. My boyfriend and I decided to both tried to be home around the same time to walk our sweet baby dog outside. 
  4. You feel less stressed. Meaning you check your transport system for complications that are already known, leaving in time, and you have your backup plan already working in the background. While making your route home, you are no longer distracted all the time, and you focus on the situation around you, which makes the transfers more quickly to prepare. 
  5. Honestly, it is a pleasure to not have your phone with you. It doesn’t mean that I don’t see the advantages of it, but for my creative vibes, it did me very well. I took my notebook or a book with me, learned new stuff, met new people, and my continues neck pain finally disappeared. 
  6. Today, I still have my phone and because it is essential and secure for many things I still use it, for work, for contacting my family and my friends, making appointments, etc. But now I use it; differently, I put on my watch to check for the time, and I set my phone aside. I still make my appointments significant in advance, so I know what to expect, and I make sure I will be on time. 
So I picked up my losses of having to buy a new phone, but at the same moment, it is something remarkable that you guys really should try. Even when it is super trendy to share your life with everyone around you, it might be better all day long; you might consider it a pleasure to take a minute for the people just around you and make a choice who you would like to spend your time.

During New Years Eve, I got surprised of how people spend their time on their phone and did nothing els then make fake party pictures and films to have a proof of their good night. Crazy 2020, anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR, just forget to sometimes put your phone away ;-D. 

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