This new series of work was born into the challenging lifestyle that results by living in a metropole, demanding current society and constant in a constant state of mind of in satisfaction and critical self-reflection, the expectation a wunderkind these situations are provoking slightly dangerous results and are more and more spoken of withing the media.
Today people are constantly comparing and questioning themselves, the act of questioning, self-doubt and the judgement towards themselves and others that what is provoking the extremes.
This specific work is speaking about these situations and is confronting in collages made of paperwork on the size of A5 paper.
In all visual situations, you can clearly see a visual that is giving the illusion of perfect happiness and sadness.
The series of images is complete, neither less the framing is still in progress. To place a reservation on a specific work is possible, feel free to contact.

Posted by:wendynouse

Wendy Nouse is a female professional artist who is interested in social-political issues that she translates freely in visuals.

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