Being grateful to Meet my art FR organisation and the restaurant La Terrasse for inviting me, to exhibit my works in this beautiful environment.

‘Only sheep look for food and water’

is a quote from the Alchemist – Poalo Coelho

Which is my favourite book to read when I find myself at a crossing road, usually I read it before making any life decisions.

This phrase, in particular, symbolises for me different aspects.
For example; in my language, the sheep are a synonym for the people that are just following the herd, without asking questions looking beyond the lengths of their noses or challenging themselves to see more in life than their occupation of surviving, which is today mostly based on insecurity and jealousy. To search for food and water is the perfect semiotic for the fact, that a need to survive, changed in a need to just exist, to challenge the other for combat of not being better than them. Today we have the luxury to feed ourselves with enlightenment and culture and the basics of life seem less important to search for, and I believe that therefore we occupy ourselves with the chit chat of envy.

In contrary to our conditioned decision making with is strangely enough still in survival mood. Before taking action, we think and advice like as if everything will fall away if you move too much from the path that is existing directly in front of you.

During this exhibition, I presented only works that come from a personal base. Combining abstract painting and using drawings and collages to represent daily occupations, which is a higher sense, do not have any real importance within life, but represent the daily frustrations and happiness we all experience.

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Wendy Nouse is a female professional artist who is interested in social-political issues that she translates freely in visuals.

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