🌟 My goals for 2020 and my plans for achieving them. This is my first year as being a full time into my art practice. This means I need to make a salary from selling art and my art services.
I will show you how I am planning to do this:

🌵1: Get my art out into the world.
Applying to open calls, getting the word out on social media and cold-calling galleries. Everybody that I can tell about the work I am talking about my art. I am breathing, sleeping and eating my art pitches. My goal is to get at least 5 exhibitions, and 1 in an art establishment.

Floral - Cotton Tote Bag
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🌠2: Sell my work.
This part is a bit tricky and goes in hand with many various factors.
Due to no stocking space, I have been creating my art on small sizes or in digital forms. These works are already available to sell.
At the beginning of my project, I worked with a dropshipping site. But the quality was horrible and I decided to take all of that workout because quality means something to me.
Today I am working with a supplier close by and we are redefining one by one the products. Photography, bags, and T-shirts on limited collections that will go during the year. I have been in contact with some shops that might be able to sell those works physically for me. Also, I will promote them at various events.

😇3: Art direction – Graphics and Illustrations
This project is still in progress. I already found some very small clients, but I am still proving my skills. If you have read my blog about how I started my career. So you know I worked already for an advertisement agency. Also, did some freelance jobs for local businesses and friends. But being ignorant as I was, I never created any proof at all. As a result, no portfolio, (truly everything you do as an artist, even when you think at that moment they are insignificant take a picture).
I am already offering these services to clients that I have created on other platforms.

My goals for 2020: Always make pictures

👩‍🎨4: Ateliers – Workshops
One of my main goals is; to find a space to organise Workshops for kids and adults, art courses etc. For the moment I already a quite proper base of clients, professional and private. They give me to organise courses ‘sur place’. I love to share the aspiration of creativity with my clients and to give them the opportunity to share. I am teaching in primary schools, community houses, birthday parties, stores and local events. These are more fixed jobs that come back regularly and give my revenue a small boost.

🛸5: Formula projects
I have created for the moment on formula project. This sounds perhaps strange but it is a collaborative art piece. In conclusion, that can repeat itself in multiple communities and never have the same result. I got the inspiration from; Hevere Tullet, who created a mode d’emploi peinturelures. Check out his work for making it more clear. My Formula will soon be online but for the moment it is still top secret.

📺6: Social Media
In short, said Silent incomes. Because being an artist for me is not just making paintings in the corner of my house.
For me being an artist means that I am selling my practice in general. I sell to everybody a part of my mind, a simple thought an experience. That you can feel, touch, hang on your wall or simply wear.
I believe art is about sharing and caring.

🎫I already got an affiliate partnership with tiqets according to my museum review blogs and amazon for products. This is definitely not my focus point. Because I feel my experiences should be honest but it is nice to get some money on the side.

🕊️Comment below: So this was all about my goals for 2020 an how I am planning to achieve them. Share your goals for the year and layout your plans for achieving them

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