My boyfriend treated me to a visit to the Grévin museum. It is similar to Madame Tussauds, and it contains loads of wax statutes. I have been pretty impressed by some their quality, but others were less detailed and it failed a bit in theexperience. 
To be fair the visit took about 1,5 – 2 hours while moving quite fast. The line with a pre-bought ticket the line was about 40 minutes of waiting. Being honest it was a French holiday and it was, in general, more crowded in the city than on normal weekends. Inside, you can expect a show, which is clearly made to give the crowd more time to divide within the chambers. As soon as we left, in fact, the first room, the experience was definitely calm and peaceful. In general, I must say it was a very pleasant experience and changed completely my image of the wax statues museums. The chambers where absolutely beautifully decorated and most heroes, you will find represented in general. 

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Wendy Nouse is a female professional artist who is interested in social-political issues that she translates freely in visuals.

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