The best part about Paris is you never ever need to wait if you are not surprised by street art, most perfect cuisine or boutiques on your way. There are everywhere museums and galleries that can amuse you. So this was definitely one pleasant surprise. I was waiting for my friend, so I popped in to see this exhibition about medals and orders. After a couple seconds, I have figured out that I was the only one in this little palace and this privileged me to receive a private guided tour. Sir if you might stumble onto my blog, I am very grateful of your entertainment and your enthusiasm about the most perfect medals in the world and I would have had more time, I would love to hear more about the heroes behind them. This exhibition was perfectly curated, balanced, with beautifully remodelled furniture, with hidden drawers to open for more experiences, video’s explanations and a variety that was amazing. So just before you get into musée d’Orsay, just check-in at Musée de la Légion d’honneur et des ordres de chevalerie, it is for free, and for sure an amazing experience.

Posted by:wendynouse

Wendy Nouse is a female professional artist who is interested in social-political issues that she translates freely in visuals.

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