Later social media scheduler review, I would like to share with you my social media strategy. During the lockdown, I had finally the energy and time to rethink my social media strategy, ever since I have been growing very fast. So I would like to share with you my tips and tricks.

Why the Later social media scheduler review

Later social media scheduler review

Within a couple of days, I got about 100 followers on Instagram, and about 5K impressions per day, which is not that bad for a beginning platform. Mainly because recently, this part of my business got a bit of attention.

As well as Pinterest, it went from 15k to 90K in one week. Also, this platform I completely neglected in the past. About Facebook and Twitter, I am not going to talk. I know Facebook is about my biggest traffic source in general. But I do not like the platform. I post daily, multiple times on it, but only once a week, I take a look.

The perfect tool for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & Twitter

So let’s talk Later social media scheduler review. This site is absolute magic, in the past, Hootsuite was the thing to use, which was also for free. Today, sadly this is no longer the case. Even though I still think it is the ultimate platform because every platform exciting you can schedule upfront and also interact with your followers. I think it is a bit expensive for starting up your following.

I suggest using Later social media because the pricing is for free or for the paid plan much more affordable. My boyfriend and I are both using the app, so we have a paid plan to have more benefits.

Later best time to post is about the most successful part of the application. I love to have all the later social media analytics well organised, and they are evident and easy to read. Also, the Later Keyword suggests it is fantastic.

With the later social media calendar integration for Instagram, you can see upfront how your feed will look. In the beginning, I used this a lot. Today I don’t find it that useful anymore. Also, the Later calendar allows you to schedule multiple posts at once on different platforms. It saves a load of time; you can still edit the separately, to have the perfect post for each stage.

Later app for social media, allows you to have per group 4 accounts: Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook. In general, these are the four accounts that are the most important for your practice. I think integrating youtube and TikTok might be a great idea. Perhaps in the future, this will come.

Later social media scheduler review

Instagram Later social media scheduler review

As I wrote before, The later app offers social media calendar, scheduler and analytics. You can see clearly on your calendar which times would be the best. You can drag your images on your feed and later will prepare the post in your calendar, this is truly a great feature, that especially in the beginning saved my day, which configured with your best analytics to find your time that is best to post.

So this is how I use it. I plan my on the visual page of my Instagram, so I have a good view of which post, will correspond with which images. I post three times a day as Instagram suggests, 1. morning, 2. midday, 3.evening. Every day at noon, I plan my stories, these are prepared as well in the app, I simply open the app, and I can upload them on my feed. I notice on the days I post more stories and ask questions in my stories, I get the most followers and views. Then my Instagram is set up to upload my feed to Twitter, Facebook and Tumbler automatically. On Zapier, I activated as well to forward my feed to LinkedIn.

So how do I grow my following

So how do I grow my following, every morning I wake up, I open up Instagram. I like and comment on about 15 posts on my feed, then I go to one of the older posts, and I look at the profiles of people that liked my feed. It depends on how many likes I got on one posts; I make to take a look at every one. On their pages, I heart the posts that I like.

If I find a post during all of this that looks or reminds me of my work, I will go to that post and look at the comment section; I will look at their profiles. Then I like and comment on some of their posts. I find this a good start for my day, and it shows I am active in the algorithm of Instagram.

About noon I will upload my stories, I don’t manage to be very consequential with it, but I am trying to do so. I will respond to the questions, as well to messages I have received. Sometimes I take a look at my feed and like or comment on some posts.
In the evening when we watch a movie and the advertisement is on tv. I will take one or two of my older posts, then visit the pages of my followers.

I noticed it is not enough to post and pray for followers. Instagram likes interaction. This is completely up to you. I like using Later social media scheduler, so I don’t feel the stress of making three posts a day, going online on time and putting up the time to interact. For me, it takes the pressure off, and I feel less obliged to be on it. This is why I share its Later Social media scheduler review

Sometimes I rebel, and I don’t open Instagram at all, mostly on my detox social media days.

Pinterest Later social media scheduler review

Pinterest is a whole different story, I find it very time-consuming, but the results are fantastic. There is this Tailwind app that you can use for making it less consuming. But I find it a bit confusing also it is costly for using only Instagram and Twitter. So I found a hack that will help you too. The magic word is Zapier.

To grow your Pinterest, you need to create about 40 individual posts a day; this also contains the re-pins of other peoples posts. Pinterest wants you to share and promote not only your work but also of others. Once per day I go online, add inspiration to my boards. I take about 5 minutes to add the posts that I like to the boards that I like.

In my Later social scheduling calendar, I create first the basic line of my feed. Then when I prepared one week, I will add the other boards. Every post I schedule for three different boards. Two that are forwarding and one that acts on the theme of the image or subject I post. I do this as well for my blog posts and products. Be careful; all this feed must be on different times and with different links. So, Pinterest will consider this as a new singular feed.

For the moment I haven’t been putting my time in energy in Facebook and in Twitter.

These platforms are not the platforms that I use in my daily life. Therefore I have been avoiding them a bit. Which is definitely not a good idea if you are launching yourself in these type of projects. If you would like it I will be able to write a blog about it in the future? Give me a thumbs up in the comments.

Later social media platform helps me to structure my social media presence

Later social media platform helps me to structure my social media presence; it makes sure I show up, even when I don’t feel like it and helps me to grow and make my statistics clear and logical. I can plan feed, and I can move it around as much as I want. I make the guidelines in place, and every week I take one morning to define the changes in my feed.

Also it gives a quick and easy overview of my analytics. Which posts work well, which need more attention. To respond to comments on a typing board, which is absolutely the best!

In all the investments I have made in the last year, I found Later social media scheduler one of my best purchases. Please, share with me your tips and tricks. Tell me what application you use? And share with me your favourite social media! Also, tell me what you think of my Later social media scheduler review?

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