2020 is the year of everything ECO – I am joining the tribe. 

I don’t really know about the phenomenon in other countries but here in France, it is something that drives me crazy. Next to the highway or national roads as they call it in here, there are mountains of trash just laying around. Even within my own street, people are too lazy to put their trash inside of the trashcan but just put it next to it, we’re talking about normal house trash in this case, that could easily fit in the bin. We seriously have them every 10 meters and I am really not the nagging ecologist that is making this discussion. The nasty bit is that a bit of wind and everything lands in the dirt, the seine and in the end the sea. We do really need to stop polluting for no reason and poisoning our territories.

Coming from a country that is leading in the subject of Ecological solutions and definitely not saying that I am perfect. I feel like in that in France we don’t pick up that much on the urgency to act and to react to the problems we have on the streets.

So last weekend my friends and family have started to collaborate for trying out a new project. To create awareness of this disaster. Apparently, it was such a big success that already people stole some of the materials I found to build constructions. #Recycle is definitely in order here.

This has been my dream realising for years, you will probably tell yourself I am crazy, but let’s call it my art vibe. To inform you of my idea, my plan is to create 200 sculptures of materials found in that specific region. To show the trash problem in that area, to make the local community aware of it, and hopefully to call for action. So let’s start our countdown.

Fort that reason a part of my feed will continue my actions about this subject and hopefully make my neighbours (in the widest sense of the word), conscious and help them to remind to just put it in the recycle bin. #ECOsculpture #ECOrecylce #ECOtribe

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Wendy Nouse is a female professional artist who is interested in social-political issues that she translates freely in visuals.

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