How to title your artworks, this was the question I struggled with a lot. Especially when I was in art school. Today I have multiple strategies that help me create my titles. I share them with you because I hope they will help you to understand better my titles and perhaps you can use it for your own projects and artworks.

How to title your artworks

How to title your artworks my guide

Discussion keywords.

When I start thinking about a work or start creating. I talk with my friends and family. Most of that time they give me keywords in return that sometimes form the title of my work. For example CLEAN PARIS was born from the many conversations I had and people commonly refers to it as CLEAN PARIS.

The date or location that I created the work.

The date or location that I created the work. Some works are sensitive to a location or specific event. For those works I use dates or locations. For example 21’03’2016 is the title of one of my works, because this work is related to the terrorist attack in Brussels on this date.

The size of the work.

The size of the work. I don’t have any works in my portfolio at this moment for which it is the case. Especially in paintings or installations I like to use the dimensions or m2.

Music I was listening or feeling I had at that moment.

Music I was listening or feeling I had at that moment. I prefer using a single word that refers to the feeling the work gives me or when I was creating it. I use these titles more for abstract paintings, drawings and organic sculptures.

Sometimes even with all these options I have no idea how to call it. As a result I keep trying these techniques. This is actually very rare. But in those cases I use description words.

Even though I title clearly all my works, with a specific reason. Sometimes I find myself changing it a bit for google keywords to find my works. I feel thats okay, I make sure the real title is still visible. But I realised that if I want my work to be seen, it should be findable for people.

Don’t forget you can always change the title.

Most likely you are like me, a starting artist finding the way in the world. It is not like people look at my work and say o that is the title of that painting. Probably they will say I think I have seen this work on your instagram right ;-).

So relax take your time and try many things. We are still on our journey, take some time to think well about it. But remember the road is open and the world is still taking time to get to know you and how many works we learn about in art history that are Untitled – the Artist.

How to title your artworks. Can you share with me your techniques for making titles? What do you think of my techniques?

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