🌺I always knew I wanted to make arts, I started very young with drawing and creating small sculptures, my parents moved a lot and my mom loved interior design stores and fashion. I guess I spend most of my time as a kid in stores between fantastic, furniture, wallpapers, curtains and clothing.

🌵Because we moved regularly I started designing ideas for my new bedroom. I guess I was about 4/5 years old. When I started 1st year we had this teacher who taught sewing classes, I remember loving it, and I decided to become a fashion designer. I can only sew manually, but I started making designs for my dolls and dress them, designing my suits for Carnaval, etc. I even made small fashion shows for my designs, being too young I didn’t have the right to use the machine and I can’t remember why but my mom took away my sewing kit and everything was done.

🌬️I guess it had a lot to do with the fact I was not doing well in school. My best friends sister her friend was already in art school and he thought me how to make jewellery design from paper and beans, to make contracts, use negative spaces and I loved it, but at home, I was only allowed to draw.

🌟At a certain point, I stopped doing everything and I decided I needed to learn a real job, aka doing hotel school to become a waitress. Right after that it went completely downwards and lost myself. Until I met my previous boss, he had an advertisement agency and I started to work for him, he thought me the base of advertisement. I got a great job offer at TWBA and refused it to return to art school to learn the real deal.

🎫Applying to the art communications helped me to put the base in place and in the end I found myself exploring many sides of the art field. Being unable to choose what I wanted, I got sucked into the autonomous arts department. During that time I worked as a model to earn some money on the side and had some graphical side jobs that would pick up the end of the month. The photographers thought me how to shoot, to work the light, the camera and the image. And the graphics mostly drawing and illustration gave me an opportunity to learn how to translate another person’s idea into a visual, how to fail, what to pay attention too and what to do next.

🌹After my exchange at ENSBA, Paris, doing an internship with Kristina Benjocki, I decided to move to France. I missed the movement of the city, I have my current boyfriend there. Sadly, with no clients, no friends, and not being able to speak in French I found myself really stuck.
To get fully integrated, learn the language and get the rights for the social care system in France. I started to work for LIDL, I grew fastly in my career, that I recently quitted, to get fully into my art practice.

🐶Now about 3 years later, I am fluent, integrated and found my first couple clients in just a couple weeks.

🕊️Comment below: How did you get started in your career?

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Wendy Nouse is a female professional artist who is interested in social-political issues that she translates freely in visuals.

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