Explore l’Espace Aveugle Performance, is a filmed performance that I have created in the abandoned Sphinx factory during the summer of 2015. Which proposed a space with many dangerous situations. Because of the big holes in the floors, with lots of iron pillars and leftovers pieces from the engines that have been used in the past.

The factory Sphinx in Maastricht has an important history for my city.

It used to be one of the biggest porcelain suppliers in this region. which made the base for the city that is existing today. As a result, the factory had a positive influence on the economical and social levels.

Explore l’Espace Aveugle Performance

In conclusion, today this factory site has become a hotel, bar, cinema, exhibition hall and housing. After that, it became a region that has found back its role in society.

The main factory hall of the Sphinx factory, designed by the architect Gustave Eiffel, became a national monument. As you might know, it was he who has created the Eiffel tower as many other amazing buildings.

Right before I created the Explore l’Espace Aveugle Performance idea, the city council presented the repurpose plans for this region. This region its new purpose to become again a centre of economics.
During my childhood, lots of my friends use to go and squat to enjoy the view of the city. Or just have a party without disturbing anyone.

In the community, lots of people were not sure if these new plans and were not ready to lose their connection with this place.

This is exactly what I wanted to show during the Explore l’Espace Aveugle Performance.

By walking blindfolded in this slightly dangerous atmosphere, trying to find my way by whistling. This is a well-known technique that is known to be used by blind people to find their way in the endless darkness.

Explore l’Espace Aveugle Performance in an abandoned factory blinded discovering a room. Video 2:22 min. Made in 2015. Presented at ‘Open day’ MAFAD, 2015

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