END LOCKDOWN CORONAVIRUS FRANCE, 55 days locked in our houses for all sanitary reasons. Exactly one week that we regained a bit our freedom to leave our houses. The first day it was raining cats and dogs. So, my boyfriend and I preferred to stay at home.

On Tuesday the sun was shining, and I went for a run. A panic attack. Because I simply wasn’t used to all the people being outside of their houses. The parks haven’t opened yet, so, we found ourselves with big masses at the Seine on her river banks.


END LOCKDOWN CORONAVIRUS FRANCE really started on Thursday for us

On Thursday, we decided to do some shopping. It was the first time we left our home, and we drove 25 km. To go to Action, the art supply store called Cultura and do some grocery shopping. I can’t remember ever feeling so happy to see art supplies and buy them. But still, it feels bizarre to be on the outside, with the masks, the waiting lines and having a pressure to leave as fast as we can.

Because I am a big fan of nature, so we went to a small park close by that we could visit. So we went the day after. Seeing the wild animals was great, but the parc was next to a highway, and it didn’t give the real vibes that you should have, also still a lot of people wear masks and are afraid when you cross them.

On Sunday, we finally got a feeling of a normal situation. About a 30 minutes drive you can find the forest of Fontainebleau. Seine et Marne is beautiful, and I love this region so much. It has all these beautiful old French villages, some castles and the most beautiful nature.

We decided to go to des Gorges d’Apremont ; it was the first time that I felt that life became normal again. Seeing people, not being scared, no masks, just smiling and having fun. It was great to see families and children play again, the animals moving free around.

Moreover, I miss seeing people smiling


This region of the forest has enormous rocks, in which you can find so many different forms of animals, and it is perfect for children. We got so excited that we got lost and walked for about 3 hours in the forest.

Daphney, our dog had truly the best day of her life. She was jumping, running, going up and down on the rocks, taking every tunnel it was truly a big game for her to find the best road and smell everything that nature has to offer.

Even when she is a Jack Russel, and hyperactive

Even when she is a Jack Russel, and hyperactive at the age of 12 she was just to overexcited from all the experiences. Today she is still running in her dreams over the rocks and sleeping most of the day to regain her strength.

I don’t’ know how you guys feel about this coronavirus crisis in and the end of the lockdown. But for me, I used this opportunity to make the most of the situation. I learned many new skills, created loads of content, finally learned SEO and updated all content I have created before. I have made loads of new artworks, and I grew as a person.


For me, it feels like the break of the world that I have sincerely needed for a long time. To think about the past and focus on my future. I find it scary how things will be in the future. I hope we can be again the loving endless kissing country that France is. It was the most challenging cultural change to apply. But now I enjoy it, and I wish it not to be any different.

Can you tell me what you did during the first days after the end lockdown? What did you miss the most?

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