Dropshipping Printful review Etsy is a platform that has been around for a long time. When you search on youtube, Dropshipping and E-commerce go hand in hand, and I think this aspect has been a bit overlooked by many artists. We are trained to believe a manipulate everything by ourselves.

First, what does Dropshipping mean? Your customer buys from you lets say a drawing. You can sell the original one, but that means if you sold it for €20,- it is the end of your income for that specific work. Let’s say you made a high-quality scan of your drawing, in that way you can sell the original one for €20,- and you can sell the scanned work for €5 each.

Dropshipping Printful review Etsy

If you would print them in advance, you will pay about 2 euro’s per print, and you need to order a lot. Then buy packaging, note the addresses, post it, send out the mails, etc. Which will make you create much more investment, also you need to be sure that you can sell it. You need to put your profit much higher to balance time and effort. As a consequence people will hesitate more to buy it and you end of having too much in your house.

Why Dropshipping Printful review Etsy?

Dropshipping is the answer to this problem, instead of you making all these efforts happening. You put the integration in place; the customer buys from you. You will pay them to ship it, and they will take care of the rest. So this is awesome! You will be contacted if there are some issues and you can followup the information per mail or on the site.

Even though you pay a bit more per product, then you would if you buy in quantities. That’s why it is print on demand to be fair. Which the local print shop I work, the price is about the same, and it only costs me more effort then I guess it would be necessary.

It does not mean you should stop selling your originals and treading them like your babies; the originals also have another budget stick to it then a copied work. Like Matisse, you can buy his print for €5, at Ikea. But the real one is priceless. If he were still alive, he would go crazy for this system.

What if you could earn some money on the site when you can be painting in the studio. So let’s get real, you need to get serious, start your shop or sell them on Instagram, Facebook etc. You can make the orders manually, automatic and you get most mockup pictures with the sale.

positive art print by wendy

I love their service.

I just have one tip, make one print anyway of all your works. Only on your printer, to validate your drawing, to check quality etc. You want to make sure your prints will like priceless when your clients get them.

Check out all the products they offer and learn more about their services. You can simply try Printful for free and you will see if it would be something for you.

If you aren’t a designer. That’s not a problem, Printful offers many templates and you can always use CANVA to make your own designs.

This is my post about Dropshipping Printful review Etsy. Let me know if you find this helpful and if you decided to open up your shop. Perhaps you already have your shop. I would love to hear about your experiences if you might have questions feel free to ask.

Dropshipping Printful review Etsy

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