DIY pompom worm puppet is one of the ateliers/workshops I was hosting for kids. In short this workshop takes about 1 hour for kids of a minimum age 5. Personally, it took me about 10-15 minutes to create one.

In conclusion this activity is about learning how to create a marionette puppet can move. It teaches your child about the body, improves hand eye coordination skills and 3 dimensional thinking.

DIY pompom worm puppet improves your child ability to think in 3D.

I like to create things, that can become ‘short’ time existing toys. I will link down below the list of materials that you need or can use. With a link to order them.

If possible I would advice you to recycle as many materials as you can. Because I believe that making recycling an everyday solution. It makes them more sensible when growing up that up cycling is always the best solution.

Therefore I used throw away sushi sticks for this craft. After a while, as we all know children. The poppet will break and the pompoms could be reused for crafting. Please to do not throw them out un till they are really broken.

Lets start:

For this workshop you will need:

How to do it:

  • You start with putting all the materials on your table.
  • Then you create the body of the worm. Think about funny colour patterns, the composition, using big and small pompoms.
    Have some fun with it.
DIY pompom worm puppet

Start sewing the pompoms together.

  • I created some space between every pompom. In order to show clearly that I use sewing to attach them together.
  • In order to separate them, make after every pompom a knot. If you don’t want this you can keep sewing.
  • The body is ready. Cut off all the loose ends.
  • Then glue/stick the eyes on the face pompom.

ATTENTION: Make one round (Head to But) and then turn around (But to Head), repeat this one more time. You can choose to not do this. While attaching it to the stick, the risk is big that the parts will let loose. Teach your kid how to sew. Therefore use a kid friendly sewing kit. I believe that sewing is a very important life skill for every child, Boy or Girl.

DIY pompom worm puppet
DIY pompom worm puppet
DIY pompom worm puppet

How to make the marionette

  • Take the head part and direct the needle from the ‘chin’ to the crown of the head. Take your wooden piece and turn the tread around the stick then, then sew the end together and make a knot. Repeat this way for the middle of the body and the but.

ATTENTION: It is very hard for the kid to do this on their own. They will need some help. One kid can hold the stick while the other one turns the tread around.

ATTENTION: Keep in mind the length of the tread. To keep the body as much as you can in logical shape. Help you child a bit with this. It is never wrong, and always beautiful. But proportions are important to learn as well.

DIY pompom worm puppet
DIY pompom worm puppet
DIY pompom worm puppet


You have created your first DIY pompom worm puppet. Because of your great achievement now you are able to create different animals, monsters, etc.

HAVE FUN and share with me your results on FACEBOOK, PINTEREST or INSTAGRAM.

TIP: Have some fun with your child and play with them, create a photo shoot, or make some video’s of their results while playing with their new creation.

TIP: This is a figure in one line, if you would like to be able to move feet, and hands separately. Make a cross from the stick part and then work from that moment.

DIY pompom worm puppet

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