DIY COVID19 MASK DECORATION, It has been such a strange time recently and even more vague how things will be in our future.

As adults, we seem to worry and talk quite a bit about it, but kids don’t necessarily have the ways to express themselves or know how to channel it correctly. In both cases, I feel like we should help them to talk and express the feelings they have about it. I felt like decorating one would be a great way to show their relationship with it.

COVID19 MASK DECORATION – WORKSHOP with disposable masks

So we took some disposable masks and decorated them! I should inform you you can’t wear them anymore, but glamorising daily objects makes us naturally appreciate them more in everyday life.

For this workshop, I wanted to focus mainly on the colour game. Because as soon as you ‘put’ on the mask, there is the hidden line game that is still active in the mask. We mixed colours on it in different shapes, splashes and figures. In the end, I talked with the girls and told them they could not wear it, but they can use it only for decoration in the room.

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