Choose the right sized art; this is one of the hardest questions you can ask yourself. During my studies, I got used to making big, almost monumental pieces, as you can see in my portfolio. My school offered us big studio spaces and exhibition spaces. Also, all my college students were making installations, so this seemed like the way to do it.

During my studies in Paris at ENSBA, how to choose the right sized art. Became already an important question. We still had quite a lot of space in my studio P2F. But we shared this space with lots of students. So, we took turns to use the most of it more or less. Even though we found ourselves, mostly building and destructing on a regular bases. I learned how-to reuse my art in different ways. Also, I started to ask myself the question of how this will work after school.

Choose the right sized art, when space is something fierce to come by.

Today I find my self with my dining table as a studio. Living in Paris seems like a dream. But space is something fierce to come by. So even when I make a big exhibition outside, I have nowhere to store it. We used up all the space underneath my bed. Also the coach and behind my closet, even all the corners have work in it.

Just before I moved to France, one of the last photographers I worked with is good friends with Amsel Kiefer; we talked about the subject of size. He told me that Amsel had a big studio to make his art. But one freezing winter his heating broke down. Therefore it became too hard to work in the atelier.

The heater was kind enough to heat the kitchen, and he decided to work there. He decided to cut up his big canvas pieces and started making smaller ones in the kitchen. This lead to his breakthrough. This because actual people were able to buy it and put it in their living room.

Soon after his meeting, I started talking with a friend of mine. Who told me that many artists go smaller in order to grow bigger after it. Choose the right sized art for your practice.

Choose the right sized art

Today I find myself forced in this decision. Even though when you see today mostly drawings, photography, some performance pieces and sculptures in the open air. It is all because of this. My dream is not just to become an artist who exhibits in galleries, museums and exhibition spaces. But also to share my work with the people who can put it in their home.

Working small doesn’t make you less of an artist. But it shows your capacity of how good you are as an artist.

How do you choose the right sized art for your space?

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