Calligraphy class – Modern letters, In February 2020, I officially started to give calligraphy classes. This class is meant for students between 8-11 years old. Who has an interest in drawing and writing beautifully, also they love to use ink. During this time, we learn some Arabic, Chinees and Japanese letters. Also, we focus on the various fonts we use for our alphabet today.

The year is divided into four quarters, in which I started with the modern letters. The kids find these the most fun to do because it allows them to be super creative and leave behind the idea of perfection. It is all about playing conception and development.

As a result, we created postcards to send to their family in friends. I believe it is crucial that they can present their new skills to the people around them to value themselves even more.

In this blog, I am sharing my method materials. As a disclaimer non of these works, I have made myself, but form a source for my inspiration. I just believe they are absolutely beautiful and that they challenge the kids to learn more then they are used to.

  • calligraphy class - Modern Letters

Calligraphy class – Modern letters

How can you do this with your kids? For example; the letters created with the body. It is a fun active exercise that you can easily do at home with your kids. They can create the letters themselves by moving their arms and legs. Then you can make a picture and create the alphabet with them. This is such a fun way to get them to understand that a letter doesn’t need to be written on paper but that can be created ans a 3 dimensional object.

The next one is with created with the collages, I ask my students to tell me if they can find the alphabet in the classroom. This is really fun because they need to change their vision form object to letter recognition. In general, they find this really complicated but they like laughing about it. We do this for max 5 minutes to avoid frustration.

Because of these exercises they see the other letters as a simple game of lines and letters. I just ask them to copy and in the end to develop their own version of letters.

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