Hi, I am Wendy and I am happy to see you take an interest at my shop.
In the following weeks, more and more works will blow up. Because during the Lockdown I made a lot of work!

My work is social-political which simply says that it talks about society. Sometimes I focus more on my personal story, or about events that are in the news or on the street. My goal is that art and society go hand in hand and it should be ‘easy’ to understand for everybody.

I decided to divide my work into categories, as you can see below! When you click on the pictures you will find out all the details about my works. You can also check out my blog!

If you would like something special to surprise yourself or your loved ones. Please contact me! I do make custom work and this is going to be a focus in my future projects.

Have fun! If you want to ask me some questions please leave them in the comments or contact me on Instagram! You can also check out my ETSY Shop which presents only a variety of my works.

Thank you!

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