We all have dreams and aspirations we would like to achieve during our lives. If you know me, you might have noticed that I am a hard worker and passionately motivated. 
I have learned that sharing my desires openly, being an open book is the thing that helped me the most in achieving what I would want in my future. 
Studio Wendy Nouse is created because of my desire to monetise my passion. I love creating and developing new ideas and putting them in reality. Since 2018 I officially registered as a professional artist.
I did some presentations and sold some pieces but not enough to make a living. Working on the side restricts the opportunity to create and being in a constant flow of creating and thinking. Many other artists experience this, this made me thinking and searching for a solution, which forces me to remain within the art world, my current daily job has genuinely nothing to do with the arts.
Therefore I created this page, as a tool to reach out, to share, and collaborate with other organisations to make my future possible as being a professional artist that has a decent income of making arts. 
Choosing to make a website is not the strangest thing for an artist but to create a constant flow of traffic to your site, has more to do with content creating and marketing. Both aspects which I love to do and I am happy to share my work with you.
Within the last year, I learned everything necessary from having a business in France, to how to build websites and master the online marketing platform. I am happy to share with you that my personal platform has found its ground and is ready to grow.
This opens up the opportunity to participate again in exhibitions, take care of new clients and create consistent new work and content.
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Wendy Nouse is a female professional artist who is interested in social-political issues that she translates freely in visuals.

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