ARTBOARD STUDIO MOCKUPS REVIEW is my newest favourite program. I am so excited and happy to share this with you. Because artboard studio mockups are changing the game, for me it is the best online mockup design generator. I find it the best alternative to adobe dimension.


The best part about artboard studio mockup it is for free, and you can export in PSD. Really after using it for four weeks, I didn’t find one reason why I need to buy the program, and this means it is absolutely the best. Today I want to earn enough money to buy it so I can thank them. So that’s why I am sharing with you.

As you know, I have made it my mission during the lockdown of 2020 to learn new things. One of these missions was to learn adobe dimension. Adobe dimension is the mockup generator by adobe, and it is fantastic. Like nothing in the world, I believe can compete with adobe in general.

ARTBOARD STUDIO MOCKUPS REVIEW, I use it to present my paintings and drawings.

But as you have read in my last blog. My AirMac is really not enjoying to work in Dimension and it takes just to much work, and export for too long to make a simple shop mockup. So I have been searching the internet for weeks. In order to find a mockup generator for free and which is easy to use. Who allows me to work afterwards in photoshop or illustrator and this possible because Artboard studio creates mockups also in PSD.

The main reason I am using it for is to present my drawings and paintings. So for this, it doesn’t really need all options in that exist. It took me a couple of days before I found this system and a few hours to understand how it works. That is why I am sharing it with you.

Because as an artist, it is not always possible to have the best environment picture for your work. Sometimes you don’t have a frame available or no white wall, and if you want something different then your white wall you need to change your house decoration. So I really felt like a needed a long term solution.


Since I started working digitally, this is absolutely the best solution. Firstly importing, designing and exporting is so fast. Secondly, you can simply add, change and be creative without being locked in too much within the payment plan or the restrictions that come with the free plan. Artboard studio offers templates, animated and still ones; at the moment, I only use the still images. They provide good stock pictures, the clipping mask features are tremendous, and it is just easy.

Even if your not good in adobe, or on the computer in general, this might be the program you need.

Think as you need to do in Adobe. It has about the same manual but just less complicated. So, before you start, please [I insist], just take the 5-minute artboard studio tutorial video to explain how it works.

I wanted to be my hero, and I wasted my time. Because it looks that much like any other adobe program, you will have these shortcuts or options in your head. Who are simply not there? Also, I wanted to start with creating my scene on its own and also this is bullshit. In the beginning, start simply and then move forward. This program even more straightforward than using the word. Even if your not good in adobe, or on the computer in general, this might be the program you need.

Thats my ARTBOARD STUDIO MOCKUPS REVIEW. I am curious if you have tried and enjoy it as much as I do? Need help or advice, please let me know in the comments.

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