Art business in France Guide; 🇫🇷 starting up seems complicated, here is a Guide. If you are about to create your business in France as an artist, I am going to help you out. It is not complicated but it is hard to find good information. But make sure that makes sense and to verify it with people.

Perhaps that’s just my habit, but I always want to check my sources before I take them as real. So this is how you will start your Art business in France Guide

The administration part

Step 1: URSSAF
URSSAF is the registration point for being a micro ou auto-entrepreneur. This is where you make your registration at the chambers of commerce aka. SIRET. This takes about 15 minutes. In order to fill in all the papers and then it is done, it costs you nothing to be an auto-entrepreneur.

Step 2: MDA et Agessa
Maison des Artistes/ Agessa are the organisations for creatives. This is like social protection for professionals artists, this is not obligatory but suggested.

  • You pay them a small fee. They help you take care of tax papers, protect your rights, and advise you when you don’t have enough money.
  • You need to have sold work. Even for 1 euro and they have a guideline for how to make your first facture.
  • You will send this facture with your admission. Then you get your number of registration, which makes it possible as well to exhibit in various institutions, etc.
  • (It gives you a professional artist statue in France). They also have a page announces, where you can apply for jobs, exhibitions, etc.
Art business in France Guide

Step 3: CEP
Le conseil en Ă©volution professionnelle (CEP). This is a free service from the government that you can contact. About your questions on your business administration. They don’t get the whole artist part, in general people here think your opening a shop. But they know everything about the different funds from the state that you can get for your company. I truly suggest it you do small research yourself. Make an appointment and talk with these persons about the questions you have, help you might need, and issues that your facing.

Art business in France Guide; starting up seems complicated, but finding clients takes just effort.

Step 4: DRAC
Drac is a service that helps to start professional artists in the region of your living. This is a service I recently learned about, they have open calls for fundings, exhibitions, etc. I will make a more detailed report about this later.

Step 5: CNAP
This website functions nationally and gives a good view of the fundings and open calls that you can apply to. They have interesting topics and documents available for free.

Step 6: Profil culture
This is a job searching place for creative people. On almost every application I made for freelance jobs, I got a response, negative and positive. On sites like Linkedin and welcome to the jungle I get the feeling as it functions more like an advertisement. Perhaps, I am not doing it right. But for 3 years I tried different solutions and I rarely get a response even of reception.

My goals for 2020

Step 7: Cold calling
I know it is the hardest to do. But try to make a list of potential clients that would be interested in your services. For example my workshops: I simply contacted different organisations. Like schools and community houses, if they would be interested, this has definitely been the most effective resource.

Be careful, because your cold calling, don’t go crazy on them. 1 week send a mail with a small introduction. 2 weeks try to call if they received it. 3 weeks send them a reminder mail or brochure. Therefore put them in a mailing list. Only alert them with the events that you are planned with an invitation and review of the event afterwards.
In the new year, you can redo all these action steps. In case you’re ending up in the spam folder, start over at week 1.

Don’t forget to take your business online

Step 8: Service websites
For example Malt, Funbooker, etc. I am just putting these services in place but they work and they will build revenue at a certain point. Put these sites up from the beginning on. So you can offer your services. These services only cost you money when you make money. So it will never hurt and it will only ad. Consider a check-in once a week on these pages. When you offer your services to make small adjustments, that will help to add visibility.

Step 9: Social media
Make your website, even if it is one for free. Simply one page, use your Facebook, Instagram, ticktock, anything and make it open for public. Share everything you do! I truly mean everything, the creation, the formation, the end result and yourself. People like to buy art from a person, this will grow your chances. In the beginning, I was refusing to do this. Because I wanted to make my art speak for itself. But I realised all art I sold was because I was physically there. I talked with my clients, laughed and not even in a way to make them buy. I was sharing myself with them, they loved me, they bought my art. Always be nice and honest with your clients.

🌵So for the moment, this is how and where I find my clients.

🕊️Start your Art business in France Guide shares the most important services that helped me how to start. Tell me in the comment section: How did you start and grow your art business (in France)?

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