The year the Berlin wall fell was the same year the biggest art theft in history occurred. The year the Hubble telescope was launched into space was the same year we discovered Milli Vanilli’s Lip Sync’s scandal. The year Nelson Mandala became a free man was the same year George Bush announced that he did not like broccoli. This is the year, I, Wendy Nouse, was born; 1990.

Currently living and studying in both ABKM/MAFAD Maastricht and ENSBA Paris, I am a passionate, motivated and inspiring individual. My interest in political structures and social movements is something recognisable in my work.

I am a social artist. Travelling, experiencing different cultures and engaging in various conversations allows me to feed my practice.

Throughout the process of my work, I consider various points of view. My work can take form in a multitude of mediums from structured texts to more abstract methods such as sculptures and paintings. This is immediately evident in my portfolio.

My work originates from personal struggle, in the form of an internal conflict, a specific incident or feelings of anxiety. This personal struggle is often the result of news incidents, gossip or general happenings. When my ideas possess a strong stand point, I begin my work.

Where does it comes from? What are its affects and what is it about?

To me, the value of an idea or piece of art does not lie in its complexity but rather contrary, in its simplicity. This allows anyone to understand the concepts and ideologies behind my work, expanding my audience beyond those with experience in an artistic field. My practice is conceptual and contextual.

Like the news, it just gives you a short notion of what is going on, I thrive on projecting ideas that others can reflect upon. Then people have the flexibility to simply ignore it, merely ponder it or even take it further, creating their own ideas.

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2018 | ANGST – Action HYBRIDE – Request for Asylum
2018 | Art en Balade – L’Histoire du coucher des filles

2017 | ‘DU2017′ – Destination Unkown, NL |’Maria-Left this page intentionally blank’
2017 | ‘Back to Maybe’ – Graduation Show MAFAD, NL | Multiple works
2017 | ‘Pari(H)’ – Les Brasseurs, BE | ‘Terrain Vagues’ – Collaberation with Gladys Zeevaarders – Group exhibition

2016 | ‘Portes Ouverts’ – ENSBA Paris, FR | ‘Polling Station’ – Group exhibiton P2F
2016 | ‘Relational Aesthethics of some perfect strangers’ – ENSBA Paris, FR | ‘Mass Migration – Group exhibition

2015 | ‘Project Silence’ – IFMSA Russia, RU | ‘Shooting Range’
2015 | ‘Sound Art’ – B32, NL | ‘Golden Egg’ – Group exhibition
2015 | ‘Sphinx Project’ – Project monumental abandoned factory, NL | ‘Multiple works’ – Flo van der Waa

2014 | ‘Performance Intentions’ – Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, Aachen DU |‘Luft Tanz’ – Group intervention