Being an artist is more than just creating in your studio the things that you love to do the most! That would be the ideal world, maintaining your practice takes up more effort than it might seem. 
You are a business owner, and that thought might help you to get into the right mindset. You have many aspects of maintaining such as administration, marketing, finances and searching clients.
The client might be the one who buys immediately the work that you created, but they might ask your thoughts on a different field. My client asked me to create for them a wedding invitation in which the team was a puzzle, a signification which has a special meaning for them.
As an autonomous artist, this might arise some complications because you are not used to adjusting the results to the wishes of the client. Personally, I really enjoy having assignments like that. The best part stays that they pay you for your services, which feels like a satisfaction at the end of the day.
For this specific demand, I created a simple wedding card in which every invite receives a piece of the picture on the front. The performance aspect was that everybody got invited to bring the parts they received to this particular event to complete the bigger picture. The picture has been reused to cover the book with the images of this memorial day.
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