Choosing a museum I find its one of the hardest things to do. There are museums about every topic that you can imagine and in different price ranges. The next time when you want to visit a museum you can keep the following points in mind:

1. Museums near me

Every city has a great website with the social activities that are available at that specific moment. When your planning for your city trip keep in mind that when you do this too much in advance your results will not same. To check the museums near me I use my favourite page Parisbouge (or Facebook). I also like to check the local news channel, to see the previews.

2. Museum topics

It is hard to choose, because there is not only art museum but also about almost every subject you can imagine and the museum-quality in Paris is very good. Neigtherless when you are visiting small cities or villages your museum visit you can easily feel … mehhh… knowing that you will always be richer in experience, then before you entered the exhibition.
Therefore think wisely how you would like to influenced and what motivates you to go in the first place.

3. Museum visitor services

For example, I found a seed conservation museum in France, and I got super excited, I looked for some pictures, and reviews and I decided that I would take my boyfriend the day after. I thought that it would be as beautiful as well as romantic to see their flowers gardens. 
Walking in the sun towards the reception and we bought our tickets, my boyfriend and I were thrilled to visit, mainly because I drove him crazy about it the night before. 
The cashier asked us if we were sure. Still wearing my blindfold of enthusiasm, she offered us the inside exhibition for free, and I got surprised of this gentle gesture, and I kept babbling to my man how amazing this place is. 
Until we got into the flower garden.
There was barely a flower to find. It was the first week of the opening season; they planted the seeds just a week before. 
Ground, ground with some green points and more ground to find and finally after our long search we found the one rare plant with some flowers still trying to bloom.
We had a fantastic day, lots of fun of my stupid mistake but neither the less, it was not why we came there, and we didn’t regret it. 

4. How to have the best museum experience

The location of your museum can change your whole experience of the situation. I remember that when I was a kid my mom took me once to a miniature Christmas market. I can’t remember where it was and it was before digital cameras and the internet became a thing. But I really want to share this image with you. 
So my mom took me and my sister in a car, we drove such a long time that we could take a long nap. We woke up and there we stand in the middle of a normal street with mining houses. 
She walks with us towards this front door and she looks at me before ringing the doorbell, she askes me if I think it would be the good house, I remember lifting my shoulders. 
She rang anyway, a long tall thin man opens the door and he guides us into the living room. I think I have never seen anything as amazing, everything was built with moving, dancing, ice and Christmas market pieces, train models were going around. It was pure magic. As we kept exploring the house every single centimetre was covered.
Taking a ride for finding magic is definatley rewarding.

5. Are museums for free?

Let’s talk about money! There are many cultural days, founded by the state, European Union or the city, sometimes even by the foundation itself, student, age or unemployed discounts, which means that you can go in with a significant discount or even for free. 
Therefore always, seriously always check out the website of the institute, so you know when would be the best moment to go, between which hours or what day to visit to benefit one of these services.
You still might find yourself in a situation that you prefer to pay. 

Every first Sunday of the month the most of Parisian museums are for free
So, for example, the Louvre is, in general, every Thursday night for free and the first Sunday of the month, the regular ticket is about 20 euros, for the leading exhibition. 
Imagine that you on a romantic weekend in Paris, you do not want to get in line for a museum that will be overcrowded, covered with loads of children and trying to see the Mona Lisa with about 100 persons in front of you, it will cost you nothing, realise that during a paid day it is complicated to see all the works, but during a free Sunday I wish you good luck, my friend.  

This is suicide on your romantic escape. The solution might be you can go for free to some of the museums that are just as good, less popular, during that same day, you could easily visit, le grand Palais permanent exhibition, le petit Palais et Musee de l’Armée, are you still motivated you can plan in Rodin or L’Orangerie. 

So check what is in your budget and experience most for the same price

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Wendy Nouse is a female professional artist who is interested in social-political issues that she translates freely in visuals.

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