Clean Paris Sculptures I started this project. Because of my personal frustration with the conditions on the highroads in Paris region. Especially in the suburbs, we can see the impact clearly the effect on nature.

It has been years I have been thinking about this project. Only recently I decided to act on it. I drove my car to a region in Paris, Wissous. This is only one of many regions that are very badly impacted by trash pollution.

I didn’t want to go and clean the region by taking a trash bag. Simply because two days people will return and dump new stuff. I wanted to confront the community. By showing them that you can reuse, recollect and remake something new with it.

I started to make sculptures with bigger pieces of trash. I created a flag that I can attach in that particular region to ask for attention. In order to inform and tell people about my project.

Clean Paris Sculptures immediately, people became curious and gave attention to the project, asking questions, giving me compliments etc.

While selecting some materials and putting them on the side to make them clearly visible from the high road, people stopped and took the materials.

My goals are to make Clean Paris Sculptures pieces. The sculptures are made only with the materials in that direct region. I place it closer to the roads but not to endanger the safety of drivers. Therefore they become temporary landmarks.

By completing this project, I truly hope that the communities will feel the need to do something about it. To make systems in place to recycle the materials or reintegrate them in society.

Because of the lockdown I am forced to temporary suspend these actions.

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