Constellation Horoscope Zodiac Printable is a new series of work I have created in during the COVID19 lockdown. In the beginning of this period I was making a lot of random drawings and it has been my desire to create a big series of works. Constellation Horoscope Zodiac Printable can be mixed and matched in multiple ways.

I found my inspiration, during a conversation I had on my balcony with my boyfriend. I love to read horoscopes, and most of the time the illustrations that represent them I love them even more. So, we were on the balcony waiting for the satellite line to form in the sky and having a conversation about the stars. Within that moment I felt the need to create drawings about the zodiac signs.

About a week later, I started my ETSY shop, POSITIVE PRINT ART. I am really happy with the results. They send and share so much positive energy and for me they represent most of the characteristics. Today my shop is on Society 6

How did I make Constellation Horoscope Zodiac Printable Series?

I found this article about the favourite flowers for each sign. Those who would make the constellation sign more happy and with the motivations why. Also this article talks briefly about the characteristics and I felt compelled to take this as a starting point.

Soon after I went looking for inspiration and semiotics that are cohesive with the symbolisation. I created all drawings on my XP-Pen PRO 15.6 tablet, that is absolutely amazing. Then I worked in Adobe Illustrator to illustrate the works. On instagram you can see some of the making off video’s

Because I have been working on commercialising some of my art. After starting with the prints I started wondering. If I would offer someone a gift for simple reasons for a small budgets. Thats how I arrived on a mug. At former office it seemed the order of the day to give mugs for birthdays, and other happy events.

I am very curious about your thoughts are about Constellation Horoscope Zodiac Printable! Leave them below in the comments. Please share your version on Instagram and google.

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