DIY Vincent van GOGH painting. Just before the lockdown, I have bought these super cute stamps sized stickers with van GOGH paintings on them. Also, for some workshops, I have bought these special child stamps to paint with my fingers. I was dying to try them out!

Because my classes and workshops got cancelled. I have decided to amuse myself. Please keep in mind I created this just for a tryout, to show an opportunity and to have some fun.

This Washable paint pad is absolutely amazing! When you have small kids, think about 2 years old and up. You can stamp their hands or simply use a stamp on the pads and it has a nice bright colour. Easy to clean and it dries very fast, so less risky to get it onto the walls.

The only bad thing is that it dries too fast for mixing colours and to add more complexity in it. But mostly kids of very young ages only work in simple colour compositions. So that makes this product perfect. Even though for my van GOGH experiment, it was a bit more complicated and less evident to have chosen this type of paint.

The DIY Vincent van GOGH washi stickers are great! You have multiple copies of each model and they are super cute! Even though they have the size of a stamp so the details are very tiny. Personally, I feel it is perfect for my classes because it avoids the kids running into less important details. Also, it keeps the imagination more alive.

The DIY Vincent van GOGH washi painting stickers for all ages.

You can use these stamps actually for all ages. The adults can really dive into the imagination and detailing and the kids can simply use the basic forms, but both of them will get a great result. I love DIY Vincent van GOGH paintings because it hasn’t any precise lines and it gives easily an impression of the image and the feeling of satisfaction.

As a disclaimer before all artists start raging. I understand and agree that there is a wild complexity in his work. Which is amazingly complicated to copy. But for this workshop, we really do NOT want to create copies, but impressions.

So this is my version of Vincent van GOGH Starry Night, which kind of failed badly. But it is really fun to do and I got super motivated. My fingers hurt so badly on the end but considering I did it for like 15 min. I am satisfied with the result.

DIY Vincent van GOGH painting kids

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