DIY PAPER SNAIL TOY. I love to make moving drawings; already as a kid, I amused myself with moving my illustrations around and making small scenes. I love it that my illustrations can come quickly alive, the small stories that you can create around them and adding on easily some personalities.

I had created this small cute DIY paper snail toy. I posted a short video of it on Instagram, and people loved it! Which is like super cool, I got a lot of questions about how I made it, and I decided to create a DIY from it.

This workshop is great for kids about nine years old. Therefore the younger kids can still make them, but I think they need some help.

DIY paper snail toy

You can download your file right here: DIY PAPER SNAIL TOY

Materials that you need are; some good glue, a pair of scissors and, color pencils.
Don’t forget the ten small fingers and a beautiful smile on their face.

  1. Let’s start!!
  2. You take your scissors and start cutting the snail shapes.
  3. You color the snail parts. This means the head with the body and the snail house.
  4. You pick up the glue and stick the parts together. Start with number 1 and continue from that.
  5. It is time for a little break, grab a soda and some candy. Give your snail a moment to dry.
  6. You slide the body into the house.
  7. Bonus* You can make a background drawing, with a lovely Forrest, of with loads of flowers! You can also make your snail explore your garden/or the plants on the balcony.
  8. Bonus** Maybe your snail has some brothers and sisters? You can create a family!
  9. Take your camera and make a video where your snail is the happiest. Share it on TIKTOK or Instagram with me @studio.wendynouse #studio.wendynouse!

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