ADOBE PHOTOSHOP WATER EFFECTS, In the past I have done a photoshoot with a water dress. I loved this effect. So I decided to learn how to do it! Some worked out better than others, but on average, I am pleased with the results.


I used only stock images to create these works which are provided by For learning new skills, I like to use images that are already available because this helps me to focus more on the learning skill than on the whole creative process.

I feel like when I need to start from zero, that I need to redevelop an artistic motivation and inspiration behind it. In which I must say I didn’t have one. I simply made these, because I felt like learning something new.

To learn these skills, I like to follow tutorials on youtube. I like to watch multiple ones, to learn multiple techniques and then mix and match them to create my own version. So I don’t have an exact copy of the works that are provided. I will share with you my favourite youtube version.

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